Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Quad-City Times: Swimsuit Scandal

This article and photo in the Quad City Times

Close-knit group has helped Spartans become one of Iowa’s elite teams

triggered a rather strident letter from Kathy Sampson of DeWitt:
Swim team picture looks like pornography
Imagine my surprise when I opened my Quad-City Times Thursday morning, and the Varsity section featured a full-page layout of child pornography! Teenage boys in swimsuits that left very little of their “manhood” to the imagination, and effectively turns them into sex objects. In a world of pedophiles, Catholic priests who prey on young boys, female teachers who engage in sex and have conceived children with their underage students and too many teenage pregnancies, is this really appropriate? I think not.

Every local grade school, middle school and high school library has subscriptions to the Quad-City Times which are available to their students. The students are even encouraged to read the newspapers as part of their social studies, “current events” curriculum. I think the Quad-City Times has a responsibility to the communities it serves to not subject our children and us to such blatant immorality. Even the most liberal Democrats I have ever known do not condone the victimization of children, yet, by publishing this photo, the Quad-City Times itself has exploited these boys to sell a few more newspapers.

Also, someone had to sign releases for this picture to be published. The boys in the picture are underage, so I’m assuming that it was the parents of these boys that approved of this. What were they thinking?

Immorality???? I mean, seriously, we're not talking g-strings here. Two of the kids have thigh-length suits. I suppose this would've been preferable?

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