Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Life Hacks

The Life Hacker Pack seems to include a bunch of cool freeware that at least claims to be basically equivalent to the current stuff offered by The Man. Open office is intriguing. It claims you can do a bunch of Word stuff and can save as a .pdf. Cool. One question: can you give me my "reveal codes" window from Wordperfect into a word format? Not that lame button that shows a few codes, but a real half-window that shows the formatting like HTML, so I can delete the code instead of just reverse it? If you do that, without sacrificing some of the handy Word knobs and whistles, I'll love you forever.

WinPatrol, another freeware program included in the comments, seems very handy to streamline the startup process. I'm going to look at it for my notebook.

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