Friday, August 29, 2008


Blogger recently gave the capability to import and export entire blogs. That means the 1400 posts from the old blog could finally be imported into this one wholesale, rather than one at a time. I'd given up on that particular bit of tediousness.

Problem is - it somehow imported three copies. Yep, three. So now if you look at the archives you'll finally see the old stuff, but I'll look like a complete doofus.

I'll edit it down later.

Smile for Big Brother

The Iowa Supreme Court has called it, and tickets to car owners via camera are officially legal. (Note: it's a PDF). For all the opinions today, go here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Because I Missed this Year's Towel Day Post

Your result for The How Well Do You Know Douglas Adams, and Hitch Hiker's Guide Test...

Ford Prefect

You're a hoopy frood from a far out planet, you know Betelgeuse Seven from Magrathea, but may slip up on more difficult questions. Perhaps you only know one version of the Hitch Hiker's Guide, or slipped up on Douglas Adams knowledge... nevermind, you are clearly a true fan with some serious knowledge and that's what counts.

Take The How Well Do You Know Douglas Adams, and Hitch Hiker's Guide Test at HelloQuizzy

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Never Thought I'd Post This Particular Combination of Words

In the current presidential candidate debate over McCain's "Obama as Celebrity" ad . . .

Paris Hilton wins.

An answer to the obvious question "Who did she get to write that script?" - director Adam McKay (“Step Brothers,” “Anchorman”) actually thought it all up and pitched the idea to her. Kudos to McKay for some brilliant humor. Now I just hope that all the commenters who claim to be wanting Paris to run are exercising some serious irony. And that any claims this is an endorsement of McCain or Obama are likewise satiric takes on the desperate amount of spin involved in modern elections.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Playing with Minds

Last week - otherwise known as Honeymoon #1 - we went to one of those old-fashioned picture places and had a little fun with the employees when we rejected all the stock photos and told them we were mixing costumes and backdrops to do a scene from Pirates of Penzance instead. The blank stares we received were priceless. Though the joke was mostly in the making, I felt morally obligated to buy a shot after playing with their minds so badly:

Yeah, we had fun.