Monday, January 30, 2006

Exhibit A

During orientation for law school, there came a time when we were asked to introduce ourselves and share our motivation for studying the law. Answers varied from "To help the oppressed" to "To put God back into the legal system." But I'd give very good money to see someone simply proffer this case as "Exhibit A":
Talented foreigners around the world are flashing their skills to get into this country, of course. But very few have the assets of Argentine bombshell Dorismar. The former “Playboy” playmate was rounded up by immigration authorities and deported with her husband on January 5 after living illegally in Miami for five years.

Now her attorney is trying to get the calendar pinup back into this country by classifying her as, quote, “an alien of extraordinary ability.”

C'mon. They really can't flunk you for being a smart ass.

link via Jen: "What's Your Extraordinary Ability?"

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