Monday, January 09, 2006

Iowa Blogger Bash

From Joe Kristan's blog at Roth & Company:
After extensive and exhaustive research, the official site selection committee for the February 2006 Iowa Blogger Bash (Central Iowa Edition) has selected the Raccoon River Brewing Company as the location for this year's event. Why there? Good beer, good food, and a good internet connection (I'm using them to post this, in fact. Yes, all three). And you don't need a T-mobile or I-Spot or any of that stuff. Just a wi-fi enabled computer or pda and you are in business. And it's reasonably kid-friendly, too, if you're there early.

Last year's event was, of course, a sparkling success, a combination of glamour, style, wit and wisdom seldom equalled in Des Moines since the glaciers retreated. I met too many great and friendly Iowa bloggers to mention by name. And Dave was there, too! Whether we can bring in the white whale, or at least Captain Ahab, remains to be seen.

The event will begin about 7:00 p.m. or so on the appointed evening. If you are coming in from out of town, you can even stay at the posh Hotel Fort Des Moines next door at the blogger rate, or the lower standard rate if you behave.

Who is invited? Bloggers and blog fans with even the most remote Iowa connection are welcome. There's no cover and no minimum (like that would be a problem with this crowd). There's a place to smoke, if you do, and lots of places to avoid it if you don't. Beer, food, pool tables, free internet access, beer... need I say more?

If you think you can attend, please let me know via e-mail or in the comments. Also, please consider promoting this event on your own site. Be there or... do something else, I guess.

All right, who's heading the caravan from this end of the state? I've still not been told whether I'm going to be onstage that night or not, but I'm planning not until I hear otherwise. And we need a rematch on the pool game. I do NOT normally play like that . . .

I got one more idea: a Chris Woods "I survived the Christmas 2005 Iowa Blog Wars." T-shirt. Anyone with time on their hands want to design one? I'd wear it. (Hey, I blogged on the NSA stuff too, ya know. I can even quote the AUF statutes. . . . I refer you to my earlier "I'm a nerd" test and refrain from further comment.)

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