Friday, January 20, 2006

Opening Night Tonight

Read the "Go" article here.

Why could I have predicted this?

All around, I'm pleased with this one. The parts are solid, the set is beautiful. I am still concerned about the British accent the Pigeon sisters must use (working class, but not cockney).

Some of the audience members at the invited dress last night were asking if we were from England, which I would normally take as a good sign. But then they also asked if we were really twins. I think somebody needs a new prescription . . .

Would you rather come next week instead? There's still tons of stuff to do. Some suggestions for Saturday:

If you're in the mood to laugh, head over to see Comics in Action:

Saturday, Jan. 21 @ 8PM (Planet X - next to Lindale Mall) - If you haven't see us perform in a while, come on out to Planet X next to Lindale Mall at 8PM. It'll be AWESOME! It's an all ages show!

Want to hear some awesome acoustic live music? Scott and Michelle Dalziel are at Zuber's in Homestead:

Saturday, January 21, 8:00 PM We are back at Zubers. Whoohooo ! We've got a couple brand new songs we'd like to show ya. Come witness it. LOL Zubers is located in Homestead IA.. 6 miles south of main amana. -800-522-8883 or 319-622-3911

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