Monday, January 09, 2006

Crossing Fingers, Holding Breath

I just got a call from the realtor. We've got two offers coming in today.

It's been an adventure. Listing the house at it's real value got me nothing last year. Listing it right at the rock-bottom price has certainly generated interest - everyone likes a bargain - but the idea that it is about the rock-bottom price and there's not a lot of room to move doesn't seem to sink in all that well. I got an offer Friday, but it was far too low - an over 10% drop from the asking price. On Sunday the house was being shown, and I had to run back and get my ATM card so I could do errands. (I always remove my dog from the house during showings, 'cause people seem to dislike her constant barking and growling at them. Go figure.) I met the realtor who was showing it on the way out, and mentioned the offer and how we rejected it. She apparently used it to prod her clients, and now the other people are coming back with something better as well.

Crossing my fingers and holding my breath that we get something acceptable.

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