Saturday, March 21, 2009

Theater Blogging

Going to see The Foreigner tonight. From the ICCT website:

directed by Gerry Roe
March 13-15, 20-22 (Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30pm, Sunday matinees at 2pm)
Sponsored by Rene Lenoch

with Tim DeMuth, Lane Hanon, Scot Hughes, Erin Mills, Glenn Singer, Evie Stanske and Ken Van Egdon

An inspired comic romp, The Foreigner enjoyed a sold-out premiere in Milwaukee before moving on to a long run Off-Broadway where it received two Obie Awards and two Outer Critics Circle Awards as Best New American Play and Best Off-Broadway Production. The Foreigner is set in a fishing lodge in rural Georgia often visited by "Froggy" LeSeuer, a British demolitions expert who occasionally runs training sessions at a nearby army base. Accompanying “Froggy” on this visit is his friend, a pathologically shy young proofreader named Charlie who is overcome with fear at the thought of making conversation with strangers. To allow Charlie the peace and quiet he seems to need, “Froggy” announces that Charlie, a native of an unnamed foreign country, speaks no English. Believing that Charlie doesn't understand a word they say, everyone at the lodge reveals far more of themselves than they intend. Ultimately, Charlie’s disguise as a foreigner allows him to expose the “bad guys” and, as Shue said of the play, “make everything turn out all right for the good guys.”

Crap that's in my Brain

A snippet from a movie commercial during Battlestar: "One bright day in the middle of the night." Suddenly I'm chanting this in my brain:
One bright day in the middle of the night,
Two dead boys got up to fight.
Back to back they faced each other,
drew their swords and shot each other.
A deaf policeman heard the noise
And came and shot those two dead boys.
If you don't believe it's true,
Ask the blind man, he saw it too.

Going on the 'net, I see it's a slightly different version from what most people learned. Though the oddest thing I found was a mashup with the old "Ladles and Jellyspoons":
ladies of the mens club,
i come before you to stand behind you
to tell you a tale you know nothing about
admission is free so pay at the door,
pull up a seat to sit on the floor
one fine day in the middle of the night
2 dead boys got up to fight
back to back they faced each other
drew their swords and shot each other
a deaf policeman heard the noise
and came and killed those 2 dead boys
if you dont believe my tale is true
ask the blindman he saw it too

I learned that one as:
Ladles and jellyspoons
I stand before you to sit behind you
To tell you something I know nothing about
There will be a mothers meeting
For fathers only
On Ash Wednesday which is Good Friday
No admission
Pay at the door
Pull up a chair
And sit on the floor.

I'd swear I learned it from Zoom.

Anyway, after that five minute tangent, I gotta start to wonder what the h*ll else is floating around in there, and why I can remember all that stuff but can't remember stuff I really need to. Though I swear if I ever had the money to go to school for no reason, I'd go do a masters on the evolution of modern children's rhymes. Which 'Ghost in the Graveyard' counting chant did you learn?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Apparently we're bigamists

Too funny: a Dear Prudence letter about a wife doing (horrors) FOUR SHOWS A YEAR with her local theater. To be fair, she's also considering summer stock which would be a tad much for most people. But what I find freaking hilarious are the comments:
A hobby? No, she is married to the community theatre. She is a bigamist, only the real husband is clearly the less important of her two husbands.

i dont think theatre is interchangeable with other hobbies. theatre brings you into constant contact with attractive, outgoing people who are on the make. thats not true of stamp collecting or curling up with a good book. she's getting out of the house for a purpose, and its only tangentially related to boredom.

I'm sure there are well-run (read, large) theatre companies but in my experience, the smaller the company, the more ego and libido driven and incestuous they are. Please! Why do you think so many leading men and women fall for each other (and so easily fall out when the curtain comes down)?

So community theater is a exactly like bad Hollywood tabloid, and D and I are both bigamists. Who knew?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things I've found on the 'net lately

A homemade cake, decorated by Yoda.

What the inscription on the Lent fish keychain thingy (IXOYE) technically means. I can never keep this one and INRI straight for some reason. I need to study more Greek.

But instead, I'm studying Irish for free! It's a special offer for St. Pat's day.

Just about every culture has a version of motherf*cker as a swear word. In case you were wondering.

You've gotta love practical yoga tips: Are your feet sore from those four-inch Louboutins? Alleviate the pain of wearing high heels by ascending and descending to chair pose, balancing on the balls of the feet with the arches and heels lifting. . .

Saturday, March 07, 2009