Wednesday, January 11, 2006

House Update

So yesterday, was anyone else having problems with Blogger? I couldn't get anything to go through. Anyway, here's the update:

It's done. The house is sold.

Now that I'm done doing the happy Snoopy dance, I've got to pack all the things I've accumulated over the past ten years. The sheer amount of stuff is amazing. It's been so easy just to put rarely-used items in the basement or a closet instead of giving them away, selling them, or tossing them. Thank God I haven't got too much of my mother's pack-rat tendencies, or this would really bite. I've got some outdoor stuff I'll need to sell. I've got to toss all the crap in the basement that's not essential. If I'm not an idiot, I'll also pry my hands away from some of my lesser-worn clothes and shoes and sell or give them away. (Ouch!). This doesn't even begin to touch my library of books - and I'd pretty much rather cut off my right arm than give those away.

(Side note: I should've known the marriage thing wouldn't work out when I first moved in. The ex took a look at all the books - I admit I have an awful lot of them - and asked: "I can toss these, right? You've already read them?" I don't think I actually responded in words, the horrified look was enough.)

I have to be out mid-February, and I'm in a show until the end of the month.

Holy crap.

Anybody got some spare boxes?

To do:
  1. Call all utilities and get shut-off scheduled. Re-read offer and make sure I was supposed to get a credit for all that propane I just filled the tank with. (dammit).

  2. Decide what I'm selling and get it to Stuff ASAP. (Will they pick it up for me if I don't live in town?)

  3. Find a temporary place to live.

  4. Price out storage facilities and U-hauls.

  5. Find out what exactly I need to bribe my friends with to help me move furniture.

  6. (Heeeeeellllppp!!! I'll buy beer. Dinner? You want a lien on my firstborn? Personally, I'd go for the beer or food - a much better statistical chance of collecting.)

  7. Decide the final split on the remaining bills with the ex.

  8. Get boxing, baby.

Also to do:

  1. Buy a car (my old one's toast).

  2. Get a job.

  3. When all this is over, take a flipping vacation.

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