Friday, January 28, 2005

Patience is One Thing. . .

But then there's the ridiculous. From the headline, I thought I'd agree with this article:

Be happy with gradual fitness changes

I lost a bit of weight a while back, and I'd had to keep slogging away at it for three months before I saw any movement on the scale. I understood on a mental level that I was replacing fat with muscle and would see movement after that process. But it was still tough.

I did agree with most of the points in the article: eat less, exercise more, fit it into your routine and make it a lifestyle rather than a "diet." But then I got to this (emphasis mine):

Several years ago, some colleagues vowed to lose weight. They did as many people do: They went on diets and joined a fitness club. I admired the ap-proach and their determination. Many people lose weight that way. But it didn't work for them because they couldn't fit it into their lifestyle. I sought to lose weight then, too, and I did. I walked every day before going to work and loved it. It took me a year, but I lost 10 pounds, which I kept off until I had kids.

Losing only .8333 pounds per month would still have me on my last diet, which technically ended in December of 2003. Nobody is that patient.

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