Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Meth and Sudafed

The Des Moines Register has another article. I understand the impulse to ban Sudafed and it's copycats from the shelves. No pseudoephedrine, no meth, right? But it's also one of the most effective sinus relief meds, and as someone who can at times average one to two such headaches a week (a wicked sinus/migraine combo) I'm against it. Ask me when I'm in the grip of one of those killer headaches, and I'm rather violently against it. I understand State 29's point about there being liquid meds that could substitute. Ever try to carry one in your pocket?

I'd like them to explore some of the ideas on changing anhydrous that are being batted around at Tusk and Talon. If it's possible to come at it from that direction, you'd keep a lot of people happy and inconvenience very few. Yes, farmers use the stuff. But it's so toxic it's carefully handled anyway, and I don't see them trying to carry it in their pocket. If not, the compromise solution discussed in the article seems okay: let retailers handle it, but you've got to show ID and they keep a database on it to preclude store-hopping. That's fine, I only need a box at a time anyway.

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