Thursday, December 08, 2005

Notes to Self: Odd Things I've Learned on the Internet Lately

Bees recognize me. Why does that creep me out?

I'm not going to live to be 100.

How to make Turkish Delight. And it doesn't involve turkey. Go figure.

"The cat told me to do it" is not a good defense.

Jellyfish fight back. There's something inherently wrong with an animal that is basically a bag of Jell-O with really nasty stingers.

The perks of buying a porn company. #8 - An established real estate network which allows you to use upscale locations for your future shoots. These locations can be seen in television shows and movies. One such location can be seen in MTV’s “Kill Reality.” Other houses are used by rappers like Ludicris as party houses and much more. Who knew?

I can use my computer to shoot darts at you. See that whole "very scary" quiz thing, below. Bwahahaha.

The people in charge of Chicago are truly insane. They're thinking of redesigning O'Hare after Dallas airport, one of the worst on the planet. Hey - maybe if we send David Oman over there, the project won't ever get off the ground?

Top 10 Tips to Protect My Privacy.

Coralville's leaders are apparently vying for the wuss-of-the-year award. I'd cheer them on, but they scare me.

Chinese scientists have a lot to be proud of: No other country has been able to clone Mongolian gazelles within goats. Of course, no other country has been able to clone a wombat in a platypus, either. Now that would really be impressive.

Don't bring cheese to Memphis. They'll think it's cocaine and hire a hit man to kill you.

When you drive a car behind a jet engine at full throttle, bad things can happen. There's video!

Have Opinion Will Travel wonders what the damages are for not being dead in Connecticut. I hadn't really thought about it, but now I want to know.

My tinfoil hat won't protect me. But if I put the hat on the bees . . .

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