Thursday, December 15, 2005


I just discovered Yep, it's exactly that: post after post of sickeningly adorable pics.

Just look at these faces:


Just don't send the URL to whoever you know that keeps those sappy email forwards going. I mean, we all know one or two of them. They'll cut and paste them into one and we'll have a whole new set to contend with, and of I get one more of those stupid poems with the stupid little angel gifs I'm gonna have to hurt someone.

And why is it everyone who forwards the things says "I normally don't forward these, but . . ."

Yes, they do. They do it just about every time. There are cutesy-email-forwarders and anti-cutsey-email-forwarders. Some people are just blinded by the cute: If it has the words "special friend" or pictures of angels, babies, kittens or puppies, they're hitting "send to all." Imagine what they'd do with a site like this. I think they'd hurt themselves. I mean, you think they'd go onto cuteness overload and finally be cured, but that won't happen. Instead, they'll get drunk on the cute and start sending out emails left and right, each with a different cutesy poem to go with the cutesy pic, and our inboxes will be full of cutesy emails from now until the next millenium, all starting of with "I normally don't send these, but . . . "

I think we need to hide this site.

It's a simple matter of self-preservation.

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