Friday, November 11, 2005

Well, it's official:

I'm having one of those days.

Chalk up another deer tag for the Iowa blog brigade. Doug and Jody nailed one the other day in a scary little accident. I got mine today, right on the front passenger side. I'm usually pretty good at spotting them, but she jumped out of a ditch right in my blind spot and somehow managed to get in front of the car.

It occurs to me that this mating season/deer accident correlation may be more meaningful than they would have us believe. I mean, think about it: the minute the deer start worrying about getting dates, they suddenly all get suicidal start jumping in front of automobiles. . . .

Fortunately, the car's still drivable but it'll need a new hood, bumper, and possibly fender. Oh, the joys of living in Iowa. Anybody keeping a scorecard?

UPDATE: State wants blood-soaked pics. Last I looked, there were coarse white hairs sticking between the hood and the grill but no dripping blood. I'm not touching it to find out what's inside. If anyone else would like to volunteer, feel free. At least no airbags deployed, and nobody but the deer got hurt.

I still maintain she was suicidal. Forget bow hunting. Let's get the deer some Haagen-Daaz and the "Sex in the City" boxed set.

Just a theory.

UPDATE UPDATE: Even if I did think the lockers would take the carcass, I don't think I'm going to learn how to dress a deer.

(Okay, I just can't resist pushing this one step too far. . . . )

I mean, dating advice is one thing, but if you want fashion tips, you're on your own, deer.

Hey, it's Friday.

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