Thursday, November 10, 2005

Just Wondering II

I've been seeing this in the news regarding the proposed fake rainforest in Coralville:
Grassley introduced the language into the annual appropriation bill for energy and water projects for fiscal year 2006. The legislation would prevent the $180 million Environmental Project from receiving anymore of a $50 million federal Department of Energy grant until project officials raise non-federal matching funds. . . .

Coralville officials have committed $30 million in land and infrastructure, although a majority of city councilors now oppose transferring the land to the project under its present leadership. According to Grassley's news release, the language of the appropriation bill excludes land donations as being part of the matching funds.

That leaves the $10 million initially from project founder Ted Townsend.

So they need $40 million more.


So, where do you think they're going to look for that?

(Key quote: "A draft application for $20 million in funding from the Vision Iowa program is now under review by the city of Coralville. Originally, the application was planned for $40 million, but Nancy Quellhorst, vice president of the project, said less money is now available.")

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