Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Things I've Learned on the Internet Lately

1979 toys were odder than I remember.

Never, ever make an insane sports bet with this man. (Note: Guys, you may really, really not want to read this one. Just trust me.)

Hey, I betcha can't . . . . nevermind.

Match.com may not be an entirely altruistic organization. Go figure.

Really bad poetry is a universal language.

Of course, we're going to have to wait for February for the absolute coolest low-tech toy innovation in a long time.

Another low-tech innovation: four-way rubber bands to hold boxes closed. (Second item down). Just an observation, but does the whole "wrap one direction, twist twice, then wrap sideways" thing not work anymore?

The fashion police still aren't requiring licenses to marry.

Your local atheist's union is now apparently offering specially certified DVD players.

Birds and dominoes: a deadly combination.

MIT's working on a Marauder's Map.

Swedish people will buy anything.

As a kid, I remember letting my hamster run around the backyard in one of those clear plastic balls. . . . Question: if you put it out in a gated yard, would you still need a babysitter?

Stanford is going to be republishing several of the Sherlock Holmes stories in serial installments as they originally appeared printed and illustrated in The Strand magazine. You can subscribe to get them either as paper copies or electronically, and either way is completely free. Yes, I signed up. I am such a geek.

I'd have saved a lot of paper if Boing Boing had written my law school outlines . . . Judge to Lego: Your patent has expired, get over it.

In a program modeled on the SETI project, you can now use your computer's downtime to help find a cure for AIDS.

I also learned lots of things I really didn't need to know about from the off-color roundup of links on Side Notes.

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