Monday, November 14, 2005

Linkage Roundup

Boingboing retro: This gigantic 1975 hard drive appliance held a whopping 500k and you had to wear a bunny-suit to work with it. It took "many days" to format it. (Note #1: 500K? My MP3 player holds more than that. Note #2: Since when did Oompa Loompas make computer equipment? Too much down time in the chocolate factory?)

"I started with one red paperclip back in July and I am making a chain of trades for bigger or better objects until I get a house. Right now I'm up to a 1000 Watt generator."

Bridge climbing goes legit.

If it were March 17th, I'd understand this. But for Thanksgiving?

LOL: If Dr. Seuss wrote for Star Trek:TNG...

Got an invite to the Vatican and not sure about protocol? How to address the pope in conversation.

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