Thursday, November 03, 2005

Public Service Announcements

Answering the questions that bring you to my blog:

1) Amphetemine and Amphetamines: explain difference.
One is plural.

2) How to word Pampered Chef Party invitations?
I really don't think it matters, honey. Seriously. But if you want to use the honest approach, try: "Come to my house, and enjoy eating treats while being subjected to peer pressure to buy, buy, buy so's I can get me a new spatula for free."

3) Is the bulimia pipe clog an urban legend?
a) Yes.
b) Ewwwwww.

4) TV show Laugh-In jelly bean?
???? I suspect perhaps you have the munchies. You may want to know there's a pampered chef party going on somewhere.

5) How are 50-year-old men with committed relationships?
Probably no better or worse than 40- or 30-year-old men. And if you figure them out, let me know, wouldya?

Now maybe y'all can help me with mine:

Does public policy in Missouri bar the application of the "owned but not insured" exclusion under underinsured (NOT uninsured) coverage, so as to preclude stacking of two policies, one that includes the vehicle involved in the loss on the schedule, and the other that does not?

I'm thinking "no" myself. . . .

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