Friday, November 11, 2005

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Sweet Charity

Book by: Neil Simon
Music and Lyrics by: Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields
Directed by Chris Okiishi

November 4, 5, 6 and 11, 12,13
Fri/Sat at 8 pm, Sun at 5 pm
at Oakdale Hall Auditorium
See this map for directions!

Telling the story of Charity Hope Valentine and her quest for love, acceptance and self-worth, this classic musical includes the now-classics songs “Big Spender” “If They Could See Me Now” and “Rhythm of Life”.

Splashy, bright, vibrant and full of color and light, the music will make you tap your feet, the jokes make you laugh out loud, and the story might even touch your heart.

Megan Sands as Charity
Tim Barnes as Oscar
Michael Stokes as Daddy
Chuck Bogh as Herman
Kehry Lane as Vitorio Vidal
Kate Thompson as Ursula
Janet Bently as Nickie
and Rachel Scott as Helene!

All backed by the most talented chorus of singer-dancer-actors in the state, featuring City Circle regulars Rod McCrea, Jerry Howe, Greg Redlawsk, Aprille Clarke, Beverly Mead, Deone Pedersen, David Hale, Erin Larsen, Ellen Stevenson, Jeff Mead, Rachel Howell, Danielle Phillips, Jonathan Darby and, in their City Circle Debut: Molly Gallentine, Jenna Lanning, Libby Heudenfeldt, Kim Kullmer, Tony "TST" and Jeanne Frantz.

Musical Direction by Ben Bentler
Choreography by Monty
Additional Choreography by Rachael Riggs

Set constructed by Russ Irvine
Lighting design by Marta Muellenberg
Produced by Rod McCrea
Technical Production by Maria Schroeder

Produced by Special Arrangement with Tams-Witmark, Inc.



directed by Josh Sazon
November 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19 2005
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Fortinbras, a hilarious sequel to Shakespeare’s immortal tragedy Hamlet, begins immediately after Hamlet’s death. When young Fortinbras of Norway and his army march into Elsinore, he finds the entire royal family dead, and immediately sets about the first order of business for any new leader – lying to the public. The story he concocts to fortify his claim to the throne is going pretty well, too – until the ghosts of Hamlet, Ophelia, Polonius, and more start to appear.


Hamlet - Alex Stansky
Osric - Chuck Dufano
Horatio - Greg Aldrich
English Ambassador - Rich Riggleman
Fortinbras - Adam Olsen
Captain - Roe Lloyd
Marcellus - David Teagle
Barnardo - Nate Mims
Polish Maidens - Kate Gleason and Jamie Olson
Polonius - Bill Gerlits
Ophelia - C.E. Haworth
Claudius - Chris Carpenter
Gertrude - Doreen Loring
Laertes - Karl Gronwall

Praise for the actors of Fortinbras!

"In the title role, [Adam] Olsen is charismatic..."
"Greg Aldrich as Horatio and Chuck Dufano as Osric perfectly balanced the former's angst against the latter's desire to simply go along."

"Christopher Carpenter as the ghost of Claudius and Doreen Loring as the ghost of Gertrude are excellent together..."

"As the ghost of Polonious, Bill Gerlits shines in the first act without saying a word... and is even better when he breaks his silence in act two."

"As a lusty, embittered Ophelia, [C.E.] Haworth enlivens every scene in which she appears. The actress navigates Ophelia's shifting moods and efforts to manipulate both the living and the dead with zeal; her manic smile as she spars with Fortinbras and the ghost of Hamlet (Alex Stansky) is indelible."

-- Rob Cline, reviewer for The Press Citizen


By Neil Simon
Directed By Madonna Smith

Iowa City Community Theatre is holding auditions for "The Odd Couple":
November 15 and 16 from 6:30 to 9:30pm at the Iowa City Public Library (ICPL) in Meeting
Room A.

Callbacks are November 17 from 7 to 10pm in Meeting Room B at ICPL.

Show dates are January 20-22, January 27-29.

There are roles for 6 men (30+) and two women (25+).

Scripts will be on reserve at the ICPL Reference Desk.


I have friends in both shows, and have heard lots of good things.

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