Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Unmasked . . . and Unplugged

Article III Groupie is apparently no more. You had to wonder if that would happen, given the irreverance of the blog and the gender twist involved. Concurring Opinions analyzes the risks involved with his decision to "come clean":
One commenter in a post about A3G at the Volokh Conspiracy wrote: “This is terrible. I can't read that site knowing the author is a man.” Part of the excitement about the blog was the diva-esque personality of the blogger. Will the blog work now that it is known that the author isn’t really a woman? The excitement is gone. The female persona is a fiction. Anonymity provided a sense of mystery to the blog. Now that mystery has vanished. . . .

Anonymity allows people to escape accountability for their words, but this comes at a cost -- the loss of authorship credit under one's real name. Lat wanted to have the praise and attention his female alter ego A3G was getting. He wanted to have his labor and toil on the blog associated with his name. But the irony may be that in his quest to get credit for the blog, he’ll destroy the blog (and maybe himself) in the process.

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