Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Theater Babbling

For anyone who's interested, here's the deal:

On Golden Pond goes up this weekend. We had rehearsal last night, and I'm quite frankly petrified. Dropped lines during the final week are not good. Not covering the dropped line, but rather standing there saying "um" or "I forget" is exponentially worse. And the unnaturally slow pacing involved with reciting memorized lines is maddening.

I spent 3 1/2 hours on Saturday running lines with some of the cast, after a morning rehearsal. We stuffed another impromptu rehearsal in on Sunday, fitting into my schedule between Matty's acting class and the Macbeth violence rehearsal. We ran a double rehearsal last night, and I didn't get home until after 1:00 and couldn't sleep until 3:00. I'm prepared to do it every night this week, if necessary. Diet coke and Starbuck's coffee are my life right now.

It is better. I can see the end of the tunnel. But will it be enough? Is there enough time? Two days to dress rehearsal, and it seems like every time one spot is fixed another pops out, like stuffing a bunch of those springy snakes into a big jar.

Upside: we have a fabulous set. Really. Freaking. Cool. I'm told we'll have makeup and hair stylists. And as far as the acting goes, if the problem areas are worked out, the promise of a brilliant performance is there.

Anyway, here's the scoop on the dates and times. I'm sure I'll vent more before we go up. God help us all.

On Golden Pond

By Ernest Thompson

Directed By Jason Hedden

The heartwarming and hilarious celebration of everyday struggles and ultimate triumphs of life, love, and family as 3 generations try to bridge the gaps.

Performed at the Exhibit Hall on the Johnson County 4H Fairgrounds

October 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23

For tickets, contact the ICCT box office at (319) 338-0443.

(Oooo! Oooo! ICCT has rehearsal photos up here. No, I'm not going to be wearing the leather jacket, but it's been dang cold in there.)


Now, that said, I'm also doing Macbeth for Moongarden Acting Company.

That's going fairly well on track, as far as I can tell from my limited seat in the Macduff corner. We did lose Dennis as a murderer, and I'm so bummed about that. It was cool working with him in Baal and I trusted him to lift me, throw me around, and kill me and all that jazz. Now I have to quickly become comfortable with someone I've not worked with before, and it's slightly disconcerting. We've also reblocked the death again. I'm going to have to ask how loud they want me to scream on this, though. If I do a full-throat death scream, I'm afraid I'll pierce eardrums.

Okay, to cover the many people who have more than just my little a page and a half's worth of lines:

Most people seem to have their lines down fairly well. Fear of having to ad-lib in iambic pentameter may have something to do with it, I imagine.

The swordplay is going to be freaking awesome. Beyond awesome, at least to my completetly inexperienced and untrained eye. And not just the sword stuff, but the whole damn thing. Have I mentioned it's going to be awesome???

Costuming seems to be very cool. Not going with the full period dress, but . . . the guys will be in kilts. I'll report back on the whole "underneath" issue.

Oh, and we get to say Macbeth in the theater.

Lots of times.

Nyah nyah.

Here's the info:

directed by Michael Sokoloff

Abraham Peterka as Macbeth
Paula Grady as Lady Macbeth

October 28, 29 & November 4, 5
at the Iowa City Community Theatre building.

Curtain 8pm

And I should mention how fantastic it's been to be able to have both Jason and Michael as directors. They are seriously amazing. Particular kudos to both of them for taking people utterly inexperienced - in Macbeth, most of us hadn't done simulated combat - and teaching them how to pull it off. Hopefully in time for this weekend, Jason. It will be there.

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