Monday, October 10, 2005


Bob is back!!!!!!

Legal Stuff:
From Objective Justice: Delaware upholds a blogger's right to post anonymously.

Online date not all you expected? Sue the service. It's their fault. No, really.

So who was this guy's defense consultant, Tommy Flanagan? He got convicted, two life terms. Via Arbitrary and Capricious.

Blawg Review #26 and #27.

A nice Kelo parody is up on Iowa Hawk.

Professor Yin points out a fundamental difference between TV lawyers and real attorneys.

Interesting Links:
The British Library has posted scans of Leonardo DaVinci's journal, Jane Austen's early work, the oldest printed book (China, circa 868), and other goodies.

What the world would look like if you lived inside a water bottle.

The worldwide glut of wine has become so huge that for the first time in history, France is distilling some of its higher-rated wines into fuel.

From the I'm Not Making This Up Department:
Police called in preschooler's pacifier brawl.

Scientists have managed to teach Dolphins to sing the Batman theme song.

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