Thursday, October 27, 2005

Okay Fine Here's a Political Topic:

Things Going Round and Round posts the discussion about barriers against women in politics is a big yawn:
In the way that only women can do it, the Iowa Women’s Foundation held their Annual Grant Awards Luncheon, or self-congratulatory pity party, in Iowa City. As reported by the Press Citizen, the keynote speaker, Marie Wilson, founder & president of The White House Project went on and on about the barriers women face in the world of politics. It’s painful reading…
More women need to be elected to public office and recognized as capable leaders if they want equal treatment in America, a women's rights leader said Wednesday.
…and inspires a big, yeah sure, whatever.

So is this an issue or isn't it? Are these whiny women or do they have a legitimate point?

Neither Condi nor Hillary better be thinking top job very soon, according to this WNBC poll. 31% of Registered voters (33% of men and 23% of women) would not vote for any female for president, no matter what political party the candidate was affiliated with.

I find this astonishing. After Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meier - and hey, maybe Indira Ghandi wasn't the greatest leader ever, but c'mon guys. Are you seriously advocating females are incompetent for the job based solely on gender? Could you be persuaded if the other candidate were a complete moron (which, as we all know, the [insert opposing political party here] candidate always is)?

Even Iraq has had a ruling female, albiet in an abaya: Salama Khafaji was one of three women who served on the Iraqi Governing Council after the U.S. invasion, and is now a member of the country's interim parliament.

I'd say that while you can critique the speeches, the premise is unfortunately valid. The idea that a qualified candidate is considered unelectable by a full third of voters merely on the basis of gender is appalling.

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