Monday, October 17, 2005

Theater Babbling IV - OGP Version

Well, we got the results in: ’On Golden Pond’ a pleasant production . Fair enough, I agree with most of it.

1) The scene changes were god-awful. Jason thinks he could've put on an entire other play during them. Shakespeare, even. Exit, stage left. I've been drafted to be a dresser to try to cut the time down. I'm now the clothes nazi of Act I, scene III: "Don't unbutton that! Pull it over your head! I've already got your shoes untied, just kick them off! Don't go around to get back onstage, go through the door you just came in." It worked, except the night the actor forgot to come out the correct door and ended up going upstairs instead. (*Sigh.*) I also do one of the entrance knocks for another actor, and run the switch for the car lights on my own entrance. Fortunately, I was smart enough to all but eliminate costume changes for myself: I just whip off one shirt and have the other one on beneath, add a wedding ring, and presto! Same capris, same tennies. Even though I have the entire intermission to effect the change, I'd rather not deal with anything more than I have to.

2) There were still rough patches. My favorite flubs/etc. to date:

Actual lines:
Norman: "Bullshit. You like that word."
Billy: "Oh, yes."

New lines:
Norman: "Do you like candy?"
Billy: "Yep. And I also like the word 'bullshit.'"

Actual lines:
Unknown. I've no idea where they were and how they got off track, but Ethel and Norman were totally stuck and a dead silence was ticking away.

New lines:
Ethel: "I think I'll go in here a moment."
(Exits through kitchen, leaving Norman sitting on stage with his little newspaper. I've never seen the act of completely ditching someone done quite that smoothly before. Fortunately, she was able to compose herself and go back on.)

3) Friday, the light board blew. Yep. Marta couldn't get it to stop cycling off, so she had to put the lights into one mode and keep them there. No dimming when we walk on and off stage, no spots, nada. I felt like an idiot just freezing there, then walking off. Had the biggest urge to do a dramatic "Aaaand. . . scene." It worked on Saturday, but they really, really need to get a new one. C'mon guys, this happened before, during Father of the Bride. You've known for a year you need a new light board.

Eve-Olution got a write-up, too. Of course, Madonna and Annette are awesome, as always. Sorry I didn't get there, guys, I was just feeling too exhausted after Friday's debacle.

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