Thursday, October 13, 2005

Theater Babbling III

Just to make life that much more interesting, we found out last night that our dress rehearsal (yep, that's tonight, folks) is going to get reviewed. Grrreeeaaat. A new Charlie, tenuous lines up until two nights ago, and a review on a freaking dress rehearsal. I'm going to try to bust myself out early to study lines with Jason.

Holy crap.

Meanwhile, Dreamwell has a short bit on Eve-Olution in the Press-Citizen. Also, I got this forwarded to me:

Urban Theater Project of Iowa


Sam Shepard's


October 20-22 and 27-29

8:00 pm

Downtown Cedar Rapids

215 2nd Street SE

Tickets = $10

Directed by Leslie Charipar
Assistant Directed by Casey Prince

Steve Ginsberg as Austin
Scott Humeston as Lee
Jim Kern as Saul Kimmer
Cherryl Moon Thomason as Mom
For reservations call 265-1631

Sounds pretty cool - check it out if Iowa City isn't on your list for NEXT weekend. (thanks, Matt. I am tired.)

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