Monday, October 24, 2005

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Why? Just . . . why?

An Open Letter to My First Five Girlfriends

New Scientist: hormone levels predict attractiveness of women. So those menopause cures are now beauty aids? Maybe not so much: "A further study by Law Smith's group found that when women wore make-up the correlation between perceived attraction and oestrogen levels was completely masked, because make-up improved appearance."

Too funny. Really.


Beer makes your brain grow! And like beer! (Is it just me, or does that make beer sound vaguely like a parasite?)

Science at its finest:
The ultimate Jell-O shot.

Although the proportion of alcohol to be added to Jell-O shots is partly a matter of taste, the typical Jell-O shot recipe greatly underestimates the amount of alcohol that can be added to Jell-O while still maintaining the gelatin’s setting properties. As long as a minimum amount of boiling water is used to completely dissolve the gelatin powder (4 oz. boiling water per 3 oz. package Jell-O), an amount of 80 proof alcohol up to 19 oz. can be added and the Jell-O will still gel. With sugar-free Jell-O, the minimum amount of boiling water necessary is 3 oz., and up to 24 oz. of 80 proof alcohol can be added and the Jell-O will still gel.

I label this "Science at it's Finest," but then I notice they have another experiment up: How many condoms can you wear at once? (Again . . . why????????????) At least it contains the obligatory frat boy warning label: Again, we repeat, do not attempt this experiment with an actual penis -- severe injury may result.)

And a collecective groan of disappointment goes up from men everywhere.

A Dutch designer has come up with an ingenious way to help goofy, bra-shopping men accurately report on their significant others' boob-size -- by giving them a wall of variously-sized boobs to squeeze until they find a pair that seems about right.

A Superior Court judge must decide whether to believe a 21-year-old accused who says he could not have committed a sexual assault because his penis is too big. If I were the prosecutor, I'd be so tempted to call all his ex-girlfriends in rebuttal. . . .

Via the other Kris: a freaking cool beer ad.

The President's speechalist:
"You have to understand one thing about the American people. They are not interested in a politician that speaks smoothly or insists on using 'real words.'"

Iowa Voice blogs on Fossil Sex:
Fossils Copulating for 65 Million Years

A condom patent fight. With diagrams. (Okay, I guess that's vaguely educational. For some. Not that I'm naming names or anything.)

An mp3 breast implant which will allow surgically-enhanced girls to store and play back their entire music collections from their 36DD assets. "Hey, babe, I'm just trying to turn up the volume. . . . "

I have a clue for these guys: a prostitute's cheaper. And significantly less creepy. That's saying a lot.

Police officers going above and beyond the call of duty to bust a massage parlor. OMG.

Kansas judge removed for viewing internet porn on the courthouse computer. Again: what the hell were you thinking?

"Save My Ass is a personal assistant that helps you make your girlfriend or wife happy by sending her flowers on your behalf, on a regular but semi-random basis." *Sigh* Some guys just don't get it, do they? Well, it could work if your girlfriend or wife isn't tech savvy, I suppose.

The makers of Wonderbra have accused rival lingerie makers of sexism for using semi-naked women in their ads.

Scientists win awards for measuring the pressure inside a penguin about to defecate, and for developing artificial, esteem-boosting testicles for dogs.

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