Thursday, February 17, 2005

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

Greenman wondered if I'd post my thoughts on his show. The official review in the QC Times is here. I thought it was freaking awesome, as did the reviewer.

The play is set in a single room, with no reference point as to day, night, or location. It's a room in which three men are being held hostage in Beirut by jailers who never appear onstage, yet whose invisible presence is felt as a hovering threat throughout the narrative.

The men are each different: a doctor from the US, a journalist from Ireland, and a British professor. They each bring their own strengths and demons into the nightmare with them, living out a daily struggle against insanity. There's a sense of dark humor woven throughout the show, as the men desperately attempt to maintain their dignity and their humanity in the face of their fear and helplessness.

The performances by Matt, Greenman and Tom are nothing short of brilliant.

I came out of the theater having about the same feeling as I did after watching Schindler's List - this is an incredible story, and it's essential it be told. It's the last weekend, and I doubt it will come around in another six years, so go to the Dreamwell site and get the info. I'm dead serious, this is a must-see.

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