Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I've been a good girl and added a whole bunch of new links to the blogroll. Regarding Iowa blogs, I mentioned Gradual Dazzle and Mute Complications earlier, but I also found more Iowa City theater-types: Meagan and Aprille, both of whom were in Metamorphoses with me. Yay! I've also spotted Deblog, and I re-added Cedar Pundit - thought you could sneak that January post by us, didya?

I also added some more national legal-type blogs, including (in no particular order) Crescat Sententia, Sugar, Mr. Poon?, Vodka Pundit, Life, Law, Libido, Slithery D, Clearly Erroneous, and Centinel. From Centinal, I present the stupid internet quiz of the day:

Which Canon of Statutory Construction are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are "Noscitur a socii"! You look to
neighboring words to shed light on the meaning
of ambiguous words. You're a sociable canon,
and always look at everything in context.
However, you're useless by yourself.

Finally, I've noticed I'm getting a lot more 2 am visitors since Iowa Law Girl added me to her blogrolls. If you've been out drinking at Law Night, cool. If you're bleary-eyed from Property or Civ Pro and just needed a break, I feel your pain. My record was three nights without sleep when I had a Van O oral argument slated the same day as a rough draft on my comment. Caffiene pills with a Diet Coke chaser can do wonders.

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