Friday, February 18, 2005

For Herr Director Greenman:

I messed with a few of the proofs on Hedda. I put some of the preliminary results on the "About Me" page. I do want to do one more before we choose the final program photo - an informal poll at work called one of the runners-up a better choice than the arm-cross shot, and I'd like to see how it looks in the black-and-white or sepia. Speaking of that, I think I like the sepia better - the top photo would be my choice for the poster. Take a look and let me know. One more caveat: the photos I edited are seeming much smaller byte-wise than the originals (yes, I did "save as.") I'm concerned how they'll keep their integrity when blown up for posters. I'd like to do a little playing around and see if I can't save them into the same format somehow as the originals, which should look okay even if blown up into 11x14 or so.

You know, looking at it, it seems the black and white is choppier somehow. I don't exacly know how it happened. Let me play with it a bit more - but I still think I like sepia better. Is Monday night okay for a deadline?

UPDATE UPDATE: Fixed it a little. Got to get back to work, but at any rate, I'll do more on it later.

Greenman - your email's bouncing back for some reason. If you visit, could you check the final selections and give me feedback as to which to use? I've got the resolution problems fixed and can mail the links and .jpgs to Nelson as soon as we make a final decision.

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