Thursday, February 03, 2005

Got to Swipe This

Theresa from Two Hot Chicks has a brilliant idea: a cosmo-style quiz for guys to assist with the definition of "romantic." Key excerpts:

I’ve met a number of men through the years who’ve described themselves as "Hopeless Romantics". Several of them have made reasonable efforts, but few have demonstrated a mastery of this self-proclaimed title. Perhaps this is because I failed to inspire a whole-hearted romantic response, or perhaps they were full of hot air … or maybe we simply had different ideas about what Romance is all about. . . .

I was inspired by a statement BlueEyes made in one of his posts, "Women need a reason to have sex, men only need a place." While I think this is a generalization, I also believe many women would like more romance while just as many men struggle to comply.

I have one last thought before beginning the Quiz. While watching Sex in the City, or some Chick-Flick, one of the characters said something that struck home. She said that when men make grand gestures in relationships, they are considered romantic and brave, but when women do the same, they are considered desperate. It’s something to think about.

That last bit is something for me to think about. I'm going to spend the rest of my lunch running through romantic movies with grand gestures and reversing the gender to see if I think it holds true. I'll post more on that later.

But for now, guys: go to Theresa's site and look over the quiz, if you're so inclined. I am going to post my own answers to it shortly after Theresa posts hers, to compensate for some of the more subjective issues. For example, on this one:

F. Rank the following gifts from most romantic to least romantic:

1. A book by her favorite author

2. Pretty lingerie

3. Gift certificate for a massage and a facial

4. bracelet you noticed her admire a few months earlier.

I think #1 is obvious, but the difference between, say, #3 and #4 could depend a little on the personality of the particular female.

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