Friday, March 10, 2006

Wednesday Quiz

This one's obscure and fascinating, and I have to admit I've no idea what half my results really mean in concrete terms, and the other half I just can't figure out how they extrapolated from the questions asked.

Take the Spring Survey.

My results:
Your responses are consistent with the following attributes: You have a probable elevation in noradrenergic activity and concurrent deficit in dopaminergic activity. You also have a probable elevation in activity in your prefrontal cortex, amygdala and hippocampus in your right hemisphere. Your olfactory system plays a stronger than average role in mating behavior.

(I find that completely uncalled-for. Note to boyfriend: please do NOT refrain from wearing deoderant).

Indicators of enhanced right prefrontal and bilateral temporal activity in humor detection.

(At least I can detect humor.)

Color preferences may indicate an enhanced dopamine level in your visual cortex.

(Dopamine goooooood.)

Responses point to a probable increase in activity in the right anterior cingulate . . . .

(Really? I hadn't noticed.)

. . . .and amygdala. You have a preference for umambiguity in your thinking styles . . . .

(Ha! I'm not confused or rambling. I'm unambiguous. So there, nyah. . . . . Unless they're saying I'm superficial or only capable of one interpretation?? Have I just been insulted? Wait a minute . . . )

. . . . and a probable elevation in your left inferior parietal cortex and left temporal cortex. You exhibit an elevation in visuospatial task performance.

(Hey! Who are you calling a liberal?)

This seems to be primarily facilitated by your parietal cortex. Your responses indicated a tendency to classify facial expressions as more threatening . . . .

(As opposed to what??? Actually, expressions themselves are not all that threatening. It's the fist that follows them I worry about. . . )

. . . . and an elevation in activity in your right amygdala.

(What's all this obsession with the amygdala? Move on already.)

Overall, your cognitive style is balanced between your left and right hemispheres.

Well, so long as I'm balanced. Oooookaaaay. I thought I was having a pretty good day. Apparently not so much. Go figure.

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