Friday, May 26, 2006

Tidbits from around the 'Net

Cloaking devices on the internet.

Okay, I take it back. Perry Mason moments apparently do occasionally happen in court.

Got unwanted pests? Reach for Raid.

Remember that weird guy on PBS who did the oil painting (happy trees? WTF?), and how he used to wash his brush out and then rapidly smack the bristles back and forth against the easel to dry it? I bet this guy doesn't use that method.

Some Florida police officers apparently have too much time on their hands.

Mosquito is a high-pitched sound "audible only to teenagers" sold by Britain's Compound Security. It is sold to shopkeepers to use as a teenager repellent -- the idea is to play it loudly in and around shops and "chase away those annoying teenagers!!!" The kids have reportedly converted the high-pitched noise and turned it into a ringtone, which, being inaudible to grownups, can then be used to receive texts and calls in class without alerting teachers. Excellent. See if you can hear it. Some commenters post that they hear nothing, or just static. How it's billed, teenagers are supposed to hear a high-pitched whine. I hear some weird giggling-type noises, and not being a teenager, I can't tell if that's part of the sound or something else bleeding in.

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