Monday, May 08, 2006

Just Curious

State 29 has a post up on a possible new lead in the Jodi Huisentruit case.

From the KSTP article:
An Iowa man says the answer to this mystery is behind his cabin, 30 miles west of Mason City. Duane Arnold's property is on Eagle Lake in Hancock, Iowa. He said he noticed a grave shaped digging there just days after Huisentruit disappeared.

A few weeks ago, Arnold paid an engineering firm $2,000 to survey the land with ground penetrating radar. The crews' radar did spot something deep beneath the earth, and Arnold says it's a body. Engineers confirmed that there is something there, but can't say exactly what it is. . . .

Investigators from Mason City have searched that area before, but Arnold says they missed the spot. The Hancock County Sheriff has not decided yet whether to dig in the area.

Curiosity questions: if he knew they missed the spot, why didn't he tell them where it was? Why did he spend $2000 to have ground-penetrating radar? That's a little much to spend on "I think I saw something that might help, and even though I don't have solid evidence tying the two, I want to pass it on."

I'm sure there must be some details omitted that would make this all make sense. Otherwise, it just strikes me as odd.

UPDATE: It was nothing.

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