Thursday, May 25, 2006

OMG that's totally romantic

from Iowa Voice:
Here's a nifty little fact about my Aunt and her husband that I didn't know (he passed away in 1986): She wore a wedding ring (of course). It looked like a regular store-bought ring, right? Only it wasn't. My Great Uncle made it himself in 1929 by taking a silver dollar (some accounts say it was a quarter or a nickel), drilling a hole in it, and then, using a spoon (!!), shaping it until he formed a wedding band for his bride-to-be.

Remember, this was the Great Depression, and he was a farmer. He didn't have a lot of money (in fact, it's a wonder he even HAD a silver dollar!). Years later, when they had saved and saved and finally retired, he wanted to replace it with a real ring. She wouldn't have it. The ring she had meant more than any other ring he could buy.

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