Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Google boolean search tips.

There's a bunch of ancient swordfighting manuals online. I've been watching the guys in Macbeth, who have it totally down already. The final fight scene is going to be seriously awesome.

Did you know the dead sea scrolls were also online?

These photos have been confirmed by Urban Legends as accurate. The site points out that we can't extrapolate from their accuracy any relative value judgments, which is true. Maybe the only thing the dog rescuers had was a luxury bus. Maybe there weren't any people left in the area from where the dogs were being taken out. It still looks really bad, though.


Okay, if these people can get a grant, what's our excuse?

Attorneys for Debra LaFave are trying to block the release of intimate photographs taken by police of the ex-teacher accused of sex with a student. Release to who? Why? Like this is essential public information? (Yes, I know. Many guys would argue the point. They're wrong. Go get a playboy and quit whining.)

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