Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Hooters Handbook

Smoking Gun has a copy of the Hooter's Employee Handbook.

Thou shalt wear only Suntan pantyhose with your approved orange shorts (??WTF??), over which you must wear white slouch socks. No other color of pantyhose shalt be worn, and no bare legs.

(Okay, like, the 80's called. They want their slouchy socks and suntan pantyhose back. The jelly shoes and big hair just aren't the same without them. Oh, and Dickwad? You never wore them together. What kind of male fashion faux pas fantasyland is this hellhole?)

Forget having a beady or choker necklace, a ponytail, or long nails.

Oh, and while showing your cleavage up top is encouraged, they apparently don't want to be seeing anything of the buttocks. Daisy Dukes are right out.

(Guys? Did they ask your vote on this one? It seems a tad weird to me.)

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