Friday, September 02, 2005

Beyond Words

I thought about blogging on the fact that two news photos - one from the AP and the other from the AFP labeled black people "looters" and white people "finders" for the same act. And how the "looter" photo is still up on the AP but the "finder" photo is missing. Difference in news agencies? Racism in action?

I thought about blogging on who knew what about the levees, when, using the link a friend sent me as a springboard, contrasted with this Chicago Tribune story quoting Corps officials as stating that while the levee money had been raided, the damage that occurred was actually in one of the few spots that was in good repair, so while the point that the state and local governments have been remiss in the hurricane protection is well-taken, the causal connection to this particular disaster may not be as straightforward as originally thought.

Then I read this and looked through these, and thought: who really gives a crap what the hell I have to say about this?

It's absolutely beyond words.

I want to go back to bed and cry.

If you want unfiltered news from the Big Easy, here's a link to the police scanner.

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