Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've Got a Better Idea

Royce recently commented:

Modest proposal:

At the voting booth a voter has to answer 5 questions from the Citizenship Test. Don't get 'em all right, and voter's vote doesn't count.

And the voter would not be given their quiz results, so the ignorant will be blisfully unaware that they are not actually casting a vote.

Would also be fun to compile results for those who did not pass the quiz!

Next up - eating Irish babies!!!
Royce | 10.10.08 - 11:54 am | #

I like it, but I'm going one better. Under my voter competency test (which would be completely unconstitutional) the voter in question must anonymously answer the following:

1) Explain the three branches of government, the theory of Separation of Powers, and at least one major function of each branch using explicit examples of how it is used and how it differs from the other branches.

2) For each candidate for whom you wish to vote, explain in detail at least two of the economic, social, or foreign policy plans espoused by that candidate, using actual figures (cost, dollars saved, troops employed, number of people affected, etc.), including at least one drawback to the idea. Then contrast it to the plan of at least one other candidate, indicating how and why you think it is a better idea in light of the drawbacks.

If they get #1 wrong, they're not allowed to vote at all (or we allow the vote just to laugh at them, Royce has an entertaining idea). For each race in which they are unable to answer #2, they are not allowed to vote.

I can guarantee we'd have the lowest voting percentage, and the most intelligent choice, ever.

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