Thursday, October 02, 2008

By the Way

In case you were wondering, the religion class went fine. The clip went well - movies are always good - but apparently it's been longer than I thought as only about four of them had even heard of the Da Vinci Code (*sigh*). They were annoyed I hadn't downloaded the whole movie.

I lost them a bit in discussing early (pre Nicene) church writings on the trinity, but brought them back with a description of Constantine's role in the council, from the admission that the theology in question is both difficult and not interesting to him ("these questions are the idle cobwebs of contention, spun by curious wits") to the strong encouragement to cut it out and agree on a policy already ("I entreat you, therefore, beloved ministers of God, to remove the causes of dissension among you and to establish peace") to the armed guards outside, just to make sure that they don't leave until they get something ironed out. They really laughed when I suggested that we do the same with Congress . . .

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