Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hilarious Blogger Filter Warning

WTF? I am doing a drive-by of the blogs on Bloglines because rehearsal got cancelled, and I see Greenman's posted again (YAY!!). 'Cept I click on his site to read the whole thing, and I get this:

Okay, let me get this straight: State loves to tweak people by putting arguments into inflammatory terms. And I've had posts about the economics of sex and all kinds of off-color link posts, recited lines about multiple orgasms when playing the psychologist in Honeypot from A My Name is Alice, and let's not forget my old musing about why female nipples are now considered embarassing. So, out of all of us, Greenman's the one who gets a warning label?!?!?!? Not that he hasn't posted some off color items, but do you really think he's that exponentially worse? I've really got to work harder, if that's the case. Oh well, at least I got an NC-17 rating. Of course, if you do the analysis, it's apparently for the discussion about legal cases that includes words like "murder" and "gun" that puts me over the top. . . .

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