Thursday, July 12, 2007

Moving, Moving, Moving

The entire month of July is going to be a wash for me.

First, I'm boxing up to make yet another move - the third since I sold the house last year. Fortunately, this one will be far more permanent and will be in the Iowa City vicinity - hence the increased interest in theater-doings in the area. D-day is August 3rd or so, and it's going to be tight.

Second, my father's sold the "family homestead" and we need to get everything out by July 20th, both his stuff and anything we've stored there over the years. My mother was a pack-rat, so we have tons of boxes of old school papers and reciepts to go through as well. There's too much work to be done and too few people to do it - my sister is moving to Waterloo, and both brothers are also moving, so everything is really happening at once. Upshot: I'm pretty much going to be covered in dirt and moving stuff for the next twenty days.

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