Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Here We Go Again" and Other Random Thoughts

After two weeks of packing Dad's, I'm off to pack the rest of my house for the move. A stop back up at the end of the month to do a couple of hearings and round up Nelle (and possible Kmacis) and then we head down to pack the truck. In August. In Arkansas. I'm soooo looking forward to hauling around boxes and furniture in that heat. (Not). Last night, after I finished up the last bit of legal work I had to do before leaving town, I went out to the car with a very odd feeling. Took me a minute, but I figured out that this was the first time since July 4th that I didn't have something important I needed to be doing right now. After that dawned on me, I realized I could go get dinner - a real dinner - anywhere I wanted, instead of just grabbing something at the store and scarfing it in the car. I went to change, and actually put on makeup. And jewelry. And I went about it with the same feeling I'd had earlier in the week excavating memory boxes in my mom's basement: "Oh, yeah. I remember this." How odd. Mental note: must remember to try to take some time to take care of myself in all this.

Although the move is going to be harsh, I do have some fun break time reading material. Matt is kindly letting me stop by this morning to pick up the script for That Day in September, so I can start memorizing, since I'll have to skip the first read-through. Yep, I'm not even in town yet and I've already started on another show, which is going to be awesome, BTW. Hey, I've been off stage almost a year now. . . and it's just the one. . . I can quit anytime I want to. . . Incidentally, with Matt directing and Nelle also in the cast, it's going to be a rather blogger-heavy show. As always, I'll keep you posted.

When I brought up reading material, I bet you thought I was talking the P-word. Gotcha! Not so much. 1) I did go to the release briefly last night, just to see it, but left around 11. I managed to get out with only one book. Not bad for me. (See the "I can quit anytime I want to" speech above). 2) I am buying the book today. 3) Tomorrow morning, I'll start by rereading book 6 and by tomorrow night sometime, finish book 7. Once I start Deathly Hallows, I will be incapable of putting it down to do mundane tasks like packing - unless I peek at the end first. I don't want to do that, so I've arranged a 12-15 hour window for me to finish the series. I'm not sure if it's because I'm spoiled from generally being able to finish a book in one sitting (I read fast), or that I'm incapable of delayed gratification, but if I really like a book I will not put it down until I know how it turns out. If I have to be in court and I'm in the middle of a novel, I'll either ramp it up to warp speed, or peek at the end. Either way, I will go back and read it again, to savor the details. But at the time, I don't care about the nuances. I just want to know what happened.

Well, I've got to get started - must leave town by 11 for that 8-hour drive.

PS - Oh, and as my blog reading is about as sporadic as my posting, I'd like to express a great big WTF about the Register's silly email that apparently prompted State 29 to pull the plug again. Dammit.

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