Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Yep, I know it's been a week. Sorry, but things are too, too hectic. Here's the scoop: had another relative die last week and had to go to the visitation/funeral in Chicago. Finally, I've been packing away and trying to line up a place to live, considering I have to move out this weekend. I've about figured out where, I'll finalize that today or tomorrow and hire the truck. For those of you in the area: expect a frantic email soon begging for help. I'm serious - my dad can't lift anything anymore, and I may be down to only one brother in terms of assistance. I'm going to target Saturday to get as much as possible moved, and it's really lifting the sofa and a bed that will take the most effort - appliances stay, so the fridge and stove and stuff don't need to be moved. Okay, the hutch will also be a big item, but it breaks in half. Anyway, I will provide whatever bribery you want, name the price. . . (Okay, I'd better qualify that. Last I looked there were still some limits. Let's stick with pizza and beer type things, okay?)

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