Thursday, February 02, 2006

Okay Geeks, Help Me Out

There are a few legal search sites that aren't so user-friendly for me - they list the results in a nice, neat table with links but the links are javascript and not HTML so the "open in new window" right-click option returns a bad page.

(I understand the concept behind not forcing your users into a new window to conserve memory, but I actually want the results in a new window. That way, I can leave the windows open on the ones I want, but close the ones I don't. Then, at the end of checking all the sites, I can maximize the windows I wanted, and proceed from there. Kind of an assembly line approach, it's more efficient.)

So here's my question: is there any way modify my machine to force it to recognize a java link as an "open in new window" command - to force the java to open a new window instead of having the result replace the original page with the list? I've tried the standard non-java hacks like looking in the "view source" code for the actual html links (I could then open a new browser window and just copy/paste into the address bar), but to no avail. (The text doesn't list HTML, just the java code.)

Caveat: obviously I don't know Java, so any hints need to be a sort of step-by-step approach. Please either comment or email me. Pretty please. I'll owe you a beer.

Many, many thanks!!!

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