Friday, February 03, 2006


Found on the 'net:

Anina is a top fashion model in Paris. She's also a blogger and very into tech. Huh. A model with brains. A nice shattering of the stereotype, no? Apparently her employer disagrees:
if you have been wondering why i have not been posting a lot since coming back from germany, it's because my agency gave me an ultimatum: either quit doing the technology stuff, or leave the agency. they say that fashion and technology do not go together.

they say,that i can not do both things and that i must choose to either be a model, or do the tech stuff. they say i will not find an agency in paris who will accept for me to do the both. and so i have been thinking deeply about what i am to be doing.

modeling makes me money, tech does not. i love tech, why should i have to give it up.

WTF? "Omigod, Ashley, you so totally can NOT join the computer club. That is, like, so for geeks. If you are even SEEN talking to them, the whole school will know, and you'll get kicked off the cheerleading squad for sure." I can understand the whole "no blogging on company time" and "no blogging about work" thing. But "fashion and technology do not go together"??? Says who?

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