Tuesday, December 09, 2008


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Merry Christmas, Illinois.

It's been suggested that the Coleman/Franken election recount is close enough that they should have a coin toss:
Luckily, Minnesota’s electoral law has a provision for ties. After all the counting and recounting, if the vote is statistically tied, the state should invoke the section of the law that requires the victor to be chosen by lot. It’s hard to swallow, but the right way to end the senatorial race between Mr. Coleman and Mr. Franken will be to flip a coin.

I'm thinking not so much. The text of the Minnesota law states as follows:
204C.34 TIE VOTES.
In case of a tie vote for nomination or election to an office, the canvassing board with the responsibility for declaring the results for that office shall determine the tie by lot.
History: 1981 c 29 art 5 s 34

As I read it, it says a "tie vote" not a "statistical tie." Last I looked, Coleman had it by 192 votes. That's not a tie. Yes, there are a lot of arguments about certain ballots (I'm not surprised Mr. Lizard People has come forward for his 15 minutes of fame), but let's face it, people: there are going to be errors whenever you count this many items. Just ask anyone who's had to work retail inventory. If it were an actual tie, I'd be all for the coin toss - though a trial by combat sounds far more interesting.

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