Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Two legal articles are making me scratch my head during my lunch break.

First, CNN has announced that the Adam Walsh case is finally closed. Cool. But on what basis? I've read the article three times, and the closest I get is this:
When he took over last year as police, Wagner vowed to close the Walsh case. He reviewed the entire case file and assigned a retired detective, Joe Matthews, to conduct an independent review. Toole, a convicted pedophile and killer who associated with notorious serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, died in prison in 1996. Wagner said investigators were able to place Toole in Hollywood at the time Adam disappeared.

Toole twice confessed to killing the boy -- and twice recanted his story, saying he made it up. It could not be learned what, if any, new evidence exists. . . .

Walsh has long believed Toole killed Adam, and on Tuesday, Chief Wagner said there never any other suspect. Toole died in prison in 1996 while serving a life sentence on unrelated charges.

Toole's confessions in the Walsh case were questioned by police because Toole confessed to other murders that police knew he did not commit.

Although the details of his story changed, Toole did lead police to the Sears store and pointed out the spot where Adam was last seen. He also led police to the canal where the boy's head was found.

But investigators could not find Adam's body where Toole said he left it.

A bloody piece of carpet removed from Toole's car was lost by police many years ago, before DNA testing became available.
So is it over just 'cause they decided it was? Surely any new evidence can't be classified as part of an ongoing investigation, 'cause the killer they've named is dead. Unless there's an alleged accomplice? I'm simply puzzled.

Second, it is now being questioned whether there's a case against Blagojevich at all, according to this NY times article:
There is no evidence, at least none that has been disclosed, that the governor actually received anything of value — and the Senate appointment has yet to be made.
Please tell me they didn't push this too early, that they actually have at least a recording of an offer for value.

Meanwhile I'm working from home, waiting out this freaking winter wonderland - at least until my next hearing at 9 tomorrow - and another head-scratching puzzle has come up: There's me, a cat, and a dog, in a house with a bunch of square footage to roam in. So why is it again that I always seem to find us all in the same chair, bed, or couch?

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