Saturday, January 03, 2009

End of an Era

Bill was there for my first ICCT show, back when I was 18, playing the doctor in Blithe Spirit. He was in my first show back when I returned in my thirties, as the cab driver in Harvey. Geez, we were talking about him at Vicki's on New Year's Eve, when the subject of ICCT came up.

Like Dweeze, I wonder if anyone will mention at the memorial his half-joking idea of being stuffed and set in ICCT's lobby to hold programs. I remember him talking about it once, and someone saying he could incorporate animatronics so he could bow to people.

I wonder if he'll have the ring, and if we can rub it one last time, for luck.

I wonder if we could set off some of his special effects so he can go out with a bang.

I wonder if we could work "three and a quarter" into the eulogy, 'cause that's funny.

We'll miss you, Bill.

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