Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Everything I Touch . . .

The computer thing? That's turning out to be a hardware problem. Either memory or the motherboard, the jury's still out. Greeeaaat. I'm borrowing D's old laptop and trying to cobble together my stuff on it enough to function.

I hadn't posted Monday about running out of gas, 'cause a) it's embarassing, and b) it's not important. Unless you find out Tuesday that your car dies even with a full tank of gas. You're cruising down the road and all of a sudden your speedometer is going down. I'm speculating it's either battery related or electrical, but it was the same damn thing. Good news: I was not wrong about the amount of gas left. Bad news: my car's dead. So I get to try to work in arranging repairs around my morning hearings. Woo hoo. (Read last with a sarcasm drip).

Fair warning - keep all your expensive gadgets a safe distance from me. I apparently cannot be trusted, and give off some kind of aura of electrical screwed-upness that is contagious. I'm praying for my cell phone.

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