Friday, November 07, 2008


So in the middle of cruising news when I woke up, the HP printer discovers an updated driver. Sure, I'll let it install. Then I go to write a letter and print it. Spooling error. I try to cancel the print - it won't let me. Error message, follow the link. Need to install the latest HP drivers. So I let it test the computer for the latest drivers. Results page blank. So now I think I'll shut the machine off, as Word is hopelessly locked. I do so, and when it boots up I recover the doc and save it. I go to print - same error. Try the HP site - same results on the test. I decide, having been through this issue before with HP to undo the install through Norton Go-Back. I check everything's saved, and find the last safe point prior to the install of the updated driver. I tell it to go back . . . and all hell breaks loose. It does the goback, but when it boots up again I get the black screen asking me if I want to restore to the last known good configuration, safe mode, etc. I select start as normal, and it goes into a reboot loop. I select last known good configuration - same thing. I select safe mode - gobbledygook appears on the screen. Shit. After playing around in F10 startup mode and retrying the last known good configuration, I finally get windows up. Only, the long letter I wrote is gone. Nowhere to be found. And that spooling issue? Still there. I can't print anything. It's now 11:15 and I've been fucking around with this since 8:00. I've got two choices, as I see it. Remove the printer driver altogether and download a new one, or try the goback route again. My letter is probably gone and will take another half hour to redraft. May I politely say that I hate HP and autoupdates?

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